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Seven years after her five-year-old son disappeared, a recovering addict is confronted by a seemingly sympathetic man who claims he can bring her son back to her, if she takes part in a dark, archaic ritual.


A group of pre-teens thought the "Mother Tap-Tap" internet challenge was innocent enough, but soon they are visited by horrific visions and echoes of an ancient Indigenous legend that is all too real -- and altogether terrifying.

Mother Tap-Tap

Television Pilot. 2019

Unaccompanied Minor

Script, 2017

Logline: “A distraught nurse takes a cross country flight to escape her frightening past, but discovers that what she REALLY should fear is her seat-neighbor — a creepy Unaccompanied Minor who is not what he seems to be.”

Zuzu the Magnificent

Short. 2020

Logline: A 19th century traveling performer and her strange and frightening puppet are visited by a father and son in her tent after a show, and she comes face to face with the demons of her past.



Jessub has been telling stories ever since he can remember.  He uses his unique voice and varied life experiences in all of the tales he tells.

Jessub creates worlds quickly and efficiently, and adds a strong cinematic and visual element to all of his scripts. He's also a pretty nice guy and fun in a room.

Oh, and he hates writing about himself in the third person.

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